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Wreath Class 1hour

What could be a more quintessential icon of a lavender craft than the lavender wreath.  Imagine sitting down at a table and provided with all the core supplies to craft a beautiful wreath.  The final design is entirely up to you but we’ll provide you enough lavender to make a full circle wreath.  Don’t want to go all the way around? Hey, we don’t judge.  It’s your wreath, build it to suit the artist within.  Never made a wreath before – no worries, we’ll walk you through each step.

Step 1 : Select the wreath starter

We’ll provide a wreath starter.  This will be a pre-wound group of vines ready for you to create your masterpiece.

Step 2 : Select the lavender bundles

These will be pre-cut lavender bundles ready to add to your wreath.

Step 3 : Select your embellishments

Why stop with just lavender, we provide additional colors and textures such as ribbon, baby’s breath, perhaps some greenery as well –  just in case you want to add some additional flavor.

Step 4 : Putting it all together

Now comes the fun part, putting it all together.  We’ll help you with intertwining the lavender into the wreath.  If needed, we can assist with placing and attaching embellishments.  We’ll work with you until it looks just right and then show you how to finish it off.

Jordan Reynolds


Ok, Jordan is not our instructor.  We don’t know him nor are we sure he can make a lavender wreath.  But you know who can…this guy.