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Lavender Wand Class 1hour

Join us for an hour of fun by making your very own lavender wand. First you’ll select the lavender stems and ribbon color of your choice.  Then our instructor walks you step by step through forming, tying, wrapping, and finishing the wand.  You may have to suffer through a joke or two in the process but if we can put up with it…so can you.  Trust us, it’ll be fun!

Step 1 : Select the lavender stems

We’ll provide a bucket full of long, straight, pre-cut stems.  You’ll select the bunch that you want to use in your wand.  You’ll be looking for stems that are similar in length and have full heads.

Step 2 : Select the ribbon

The ribbon will weave around the heads of the lavender bundle and down the stems.  The look of the wand can change drastically based on the color of ribbon you use.  Choose wisely.

Step 3 : Tie the heads

We’ll show you where to start your ribbon and how to tie the heads together to start your wand.  Then you’ll place the ribbon so it’s ready for the next step.

Step 4 : Reverse the stems and start the weave

The next step is to begin the weave.  After placing the ribbon properly, you’ll reverse the stems and situate them so you can begin the weave.  Doing the weave is a little tricky at first until you get the hang of it.  But no worries, we are professionals – we will work with you through the process and once you get your groove going –  it’ll seem easy.

Step 5 : Finish the wand

Finally, you’ve arrived at the ending step.  This is the one you’ve been looking for.  You’ll wrap your ribbon down the stems and tuck it in with a but of flourish.  And there you have it, your very own hand-made lavender wand.  Use it for decoration or place it in a clothes drawer to gently release that wonderful lavender aroma.  To re-energize the wand simply roll it between the palms of your hands.

Now that you’ve finished the wand be sure and pick up the supplies to make several for your friends.  Think of how excited they will be to receive your hand-made gift.

Jordan Reynolds


Ok, Jordan is not our instructor.  We don’t know him nor are we sure he can make a lavender wand.  But you know who can…this guy.