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Acrylic Painting Class 1hour

Ever wanted to paint a lavender field…from within a lavender field?  Here’s your chance.  Imagine a nice breeze and the smell of lavender is in the air.  You sit down at a table with all the supplies: canvas, easel, paint, brushes and even the sight and smell of inspiration.  If you’re new to painting, no worries.  Our instructor will guide you through a beautiful landscape painting of the lavender field.  If you’re an established painter and want to do your own thing then go for it – no need to follow along.  Get your painter’s freak on – we do!

Step 1 : Show up

We’ll have the easel, canvas, pallet, brushes and paint ready for you.  All that’s missing is you.

Step 2 : Follow along

The instructor will talk you through a painting step by step.  Simply follow along and paint as he or she paints.  If you have questions or need assistance, no worries – we are there to help.  What if you don’t want to produce the same painting as the instructor?  It’s your painting – do your thing.

Step 3 : Sign and Date your masterpiece

Congratulations on your finished work of art!

Bob Bozeman


Ok, Bob is not our instructor.  We don’t know him nor are we sure he can paint.  But you know who can…this guy.